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Idle Cure
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Idle Cure

Genre: Classic Rock

Location: Long Beach, CA

Status: Retired


  Idle Cure

Idle Cure/2nd Avenue by Idle Cure

Idle Cure/2nd Avenue

Release Year: 1998
Label: Frontline Records
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  Idle Cure

Band Members: Steve Shannon, Pete Lomakin, Mark Ambrose, Glenn Pearce

Idle Cure was a hard/arena rock band based ouf of Long Beach, California. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music calls their sound "the best example of cloning a sound for Christian markets", distinguished by overtly religious lyrics, liking it to that of Def Leppard's Pyromania. Guitarist Chuck King was also involved in the band Shout. Their first four albums have been reissued as compilations by KMG Records.

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  Idle Cure

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