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After The Chase
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After The Chase

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Status: Active


  After The Chase

Make Me New by After The Chase

Make Me New

Release Year: 2008
Label: Independent

After The Chase by After The Chase

After The Chase

Release Year: 2004
Label: Lunchbreak Records


  After The Chase

Band Members: Nathan Strong, Jenna Strong, Gary Huntsman, Matthew Nalywaiko

After the Chases’s ministry is unique. As songwriters, they find inspiration in the big and little things of life, and they always have a story for how their songs were born. Their debut CD highlights their individual talents as singers and songwriters, and is filled with music birthed from the unity of their creative talents. When performing live, they bring more energy to the stage than you might expect from folk artists, and also add their own quirky sense of humor to every concert. In the stories they tell and the songs they sing, they always weave into the night a bit of the fabric that brought them together: the grace of God.

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  After The Chase

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