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4th Elemynt
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4th Elemynt

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Status: Disbanded


  4th Elemynt

Elemyntal by 4th Elemynt


Release Year: 2000
Label: Tommy Boy


  4th Elemynt

Band Members: Eddie (Tom Tom) Cole, DaWann (T-Rel) Davis, Michael (Red) Sanchez, Jesse (JD) Davis

4th Elemynt consists of Eddie (Tom Tom) Cole, DaWann (T-Rel) Davis, Michael (Red) Sanchez, and Jesse (JD) Davis, the one described by the group as the most humble and a true team player. Unlike some of their peers that might have been a creation of their record company or management team to profit off of the rapidly rising sales of todays gospel music, each member of this quartet are all saved, truly know the Lord and just want to spread his word. "We want to reach everyone who doesnt know the goodness of Jesus, all the lost souls out there," informs DaWann, whos described as a take charge type of guy and the unofficial spokesman of the group.

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  4th Elemynt

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