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Evensong Rising
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Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Greenwich, CT

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Grace Kim   203.253.3753


  Evensong Rising

Gold by Evensong Rising


Release Year: 2005

Blue  by Evensong Rising


Release Year: 2005


  Evensong Rising

Band Members: Chris Sorensen, Tim Newton, Tyler Bussey, Garnet Walters, Jason Foster, Satoya Foster, Anna Leinbach

Their unique style of worship mixes rock, jazz, pop, reggae, alternative, salsa, jam band elements, bluegrass, and traditional worship into their completely original, focused, and catchy songs. And, somehow it all flows together beautifully. Their talent is unmatched in the area with the presence of phenomenal area musicians, such as Rock & Rock Hall of Fame member and former player in the Talking Heads, Steve Scales.

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  Evensong Rising

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