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Angie Gibbons
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Angie Gibbons

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Houston, TX

Status: Active


  Angie Gibbons

Center Of Me  by Angie Gibbons

Center Of Me

Release Year: 2005


  Angie Gibbons

Band Members: Angie Gibbons

Angie began writing on her own at the age of 10, as an outlet for typical adolescent angst. Now, that has become a professional practice. “I tend to write when I’m in the middle of some sort of emotion, and try to find the positive things in it, have hope even when it’s really difficult to have hope.” Perhaps that is why, completely self taught, raised in a musically cloistered atmosphere, her unique voice is untouched by the influence of artists popular in her formative years. “I just like music that conveys something in an honest way, not necessarily the cool way to say it.” The resulting sweet purity of her songs is shot through with incisive intelligence and startling perspective. Although a strong spiritual current runs through her lyrics, she takes on issues outside the tradition of

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  Angie Gibbons

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