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Jason Harwell
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Jason Harwell

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Athens, GA

Status: Active


  Jason Harwell

Alive In The Fall   by Jason Harwell

Alive In The Fall

Release Year: 2004


  Jason Harwell

Band Members: Jason Harwell

Singer/songwriters are everywhere these days, but how many of them have competed nationally at Meat Judging and Evaluation? Though one may be tempted to guess none of them, Jason Harwell would be quick to correct you. He says, “I had reached the peak of my athletic abilities – sitting the bench and chasing foul balls in the parking lot – and thought that maybe it was time to seek greener pastures, so to speak.” Growing up on a cattle farm in rural Georgia, he need look no further than his local Future Farmers of America. Soon after, Jason found himself in a giant meat locker in Kansas City placing carcasses in order from best to worst. “It was a wonderful experience. Meat judging isn’t something you letter in, I suppose, but I got to wear a hard hat and miss a week of school. It’s not what

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  Jason Harwell

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