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Andrew Osenga
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Andrew Osenga

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Winton Elliott and Associates   615.333.0661


  Andrew Osenga

Souvenirs & Postcards by Andrew Osenga

Souvenirs & Postcards

Release Year: 2004

Photographs   by Andrew Osenga


Release Year: 2003


  Andrew Osenga

Band Members: Andrew Osenga, Cason Cooley, Paul Eckberg, Aaron Sands, Matt Odmark

With an already solid track record having been involved in two bands since high school, The Normals (Forefront Records) and most recently Caedmon’s Call (INO Records), Andy has begun work on his third solo project. His passion for sound is heard in the natural, fluid melodies that sound as though they’ve always been there. When Andy writes, he simply follows the muse he says, letting the sounds show him the way. “I’m learning that, in this process, what I want to happen in a tune is very rarely the thing that needs to happen. Sometimes it’s immediate, sometimes you have to exhaust every option, but at some point the elusive thing shows up,” he says. And as he continues to find his voice as an artist, Andy has learned how to pour his thoughts and emotions into the way he plays his guitar; e

Andrew Osenga Chord Charts

Chord Charts
  Andrew Osenga

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