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Josh Turner
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Josh Turner

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active


  Josh Turner

Long Black Train   by Josh Turner

Long Black Train

Release Year: 2004


  Josh Turner

Band Members: Josh Turner

New artists dream about the kind of results Josh Turner achieved with his 2003 debut, Long Black Train. Spurred by its haunting, gospel-inflected title track, the album sold a million copies and brought Turner a pair of nominations from the influential Country Music Association, plus a Top New Artist nomination from the Academy of Country Music. That debut, however, was merely a prelude. Turners sophomore project, Your Man, demonstrates an increased maturity, a better-honed sense of his strengths and a more specific portrait of the singer as both an artist and a man. Ive really learned a lot, Turner reflects. We were listening to my first record the other day, and I couldnt believe how much my voice has matured and grown from that time. That much maturation comes as a surprise to many mu

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  Josh Turner

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