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John Cox
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John Cox

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Chico, TX

Status: Active


  John Cox

Sanctuary by John Cox


Release Year: 2005


  John Cox

Band Members: John Cox

John Cox is the son of a quarryman and a piano - guitar - fiddle playing mother. Born and raised in Chico Texas (population 800) In high school, John studied trumpet and fiddle but, after discovering Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, he was sold on guitar. Johns early bands toured throughout Texas but, had little more to sustain themselves than guitars and fiery ambition. Sometimes a man has to lose himself before he can find his true self. And John dove head first into the process of losing himself. While attending college, he delved into eastern mysticism and narrowly escaped the clutches of a cult. Finally, he returned to Chico, married his childhood sweetheart Sandee, and started a Bible study group. This was the first small step on a life long walk with Christ that grows daily for John, San

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  John Cox

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