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Christin Cook Band
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Christin Cook Band

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Houston, TX

Status: Active

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  Christin Cook Band

For The Love by Christin Cook Band

For The Love

Release Year: 2002
Label: Independent


  Christin Cook Band

Band Members: Christin Cook

Like many artists before her, Christin is now moving from her church roots to the world. Now 20 years old, she has just finished her sophomore release, For The Love. Light years from her last project, For the Love, produced by Paul Moak, covers the gamut of great, hard hitting, catchy pop/rock to an amazing jazz ballad. Even before the street date of July 23rd, 2002, it was picked up for several compilation CD’s including Guitar Girls, out of Los Angeles, CA. The first release for a compilation went to #11 on MP3 the first week out. Her critically acclaimed songwriting is passionate, transparent and musically excellent. Her heartfelt lyrics intertwined with the music and her stunning vocals make this CD rise to the top. This year, she appeared on The Ananda Lewis Show, made the cover and

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  Christin Cook Band

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