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Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Torsås, Sweden

Status: Active



Life In 3D by Charizma

Life In 3D

Release Year: 2006



Band Members: Bo Nikolausson, Jan Nikolausson, Göran Nikolausson, Johan Mauritzson, Thomas Karlsson

With more than 20 songs to choose from, Charizma enters PAMA studios. At this time, Warner Chappell shows interest in the band and signs a publishing deal with Charizma.The band spends more than 3 months in the studio, working on a new sound for the album together with producer Johan Glössner. When the album is finally mixed and mastered at the end of the summer, the search begins for a major label release. In November the album is released by Asaph Musik in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Plans are made for releases in Scandinavia and USA.

Charizma Chord Charts

Chord Charts

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