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Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Franklin, TN

Status: Active



Everlife by Everlife


Release Year: 2007
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Self Titled by Everlife

Self Titled

Release Year: 2004



Band Members: Amber Ross, Sarah Ross, Julia Ross

Everlife is a inspirational/pop rock band made of three sisters, Amber, Sarah, and Julia Ross. Everlife originated from a the small town of Indiana, Pennsylvania. In the winter of 1997 the three young sisters made a pact that would determine the outcome of the rest of their lives. Thus Everlife was born. With Sarah on the drums, Amber on the guitar, and Julia on keys, Everlife set out to play for anyone that would listen. Everlife has played in 200 seat auditoriums and 20,000 seat arenas. Their first #1 radio hit, "Lead the Way," first found prominent rotation on Pittsburgh's The Fish. Everlife eventually relocated to Franklin, TN with their parents where they signed a record deal with SHELTERecords, but were quickly picked up by Hollywood Records following the release of their first album

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