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Susan Gray
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Susan Gray

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Houston, TX

Status: Active


  Susan Gray

Live Here by Susan Gray

Live Here

Release Year: 2005


  Susan Gray

Band Members: Susan Gray

Susan Gray launches her new album Live Here with these words: Welcome to the outside looking in, welcome to no longer trying to fit in. Her voice starts out soft yet edgy then gains force as she sings, Youve got to admit its a great place to be on the narrow road. One thing Susan makes clear throughout the album is that everyone struggles sometimes. As she says, You dont live a perfect life just because youre a Christian. And so, in an often raw and haunting voice, Susan talks straight about the lost and lonely detours. Im not afraid of feelings and Im not afraid to write real and passionately, she says. This strength, she believes, comes from her past. Born in Springfield, Illinois, Susan moved in and out of half a dozen foster homes during her young childhood. During these intervals, she

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  Susan Gray

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