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Missi Hale
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Missi Hale

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Seattle, WA

Status: Active


  Missi Hale

Someone I've Gotta Be E.P. by Missi Hale

Someone I've Gotta Be E.P.

Release Year: 2006


  Missi Hale

Band Members: Missi Hale

Throughout my life I have confused real truth and greatness with my own flawed perceptions. As a result, for much of my life I was a perfectionist-still am to a degree. Then, somewhere along the road between striving for perfection and settling for mediocrity, I tripped and fell across an invisible line. A voice inside whispered, “You’re going too far. Right here, in the middle is where you need to be.” As uncomfortable as it was to give up my striving, I chose to pause and embrace that mystery of a perfection I will never have…. at least no for now. So here is a piece of that “someone”, make of it what you will…. Missi (From the EP titled “ Someone I’ve Gotta Be”)

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  Missi Hale

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