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Jinny Kim
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Jinny Kim

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Jinny Kim  


  Jinny Kim

Finding Ophelia by Jinny Kim

Finding Ophelia

Release Year: 2006

Salty EP by Jinny Kim

Salty EP

Release Year: 2005


  Jinny Kim

Band Members: Jinny Kim

If you took the lyrical stylings of Emily Saliers, combined them with the passionate melodies of Sarah McLachlan, and then gave them a raw edge, you might be close to the sound of Jinny Kim. Her debut, full-length album, Finding Ophelia, is complex maze of musical lines and emotional themes. It is Kims self-proclaimed musical diary, a rendering of her personal journey, which we travel the length of through the songs. The theme of the record centers around Hamlets Ophelia, a woman troubled by her deep capacity to feel and love. In Jinnys lyrics, we can sense the brink of Ophelias poetic madness. But, unlike Ophelia, the singer-songwriter overcomes alienation, finding solace in her spirituality. Finding Ophelia is a collection of titanic ballads. The songs are emotional, haunting, sometimes

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  Jinny Kim

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