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Mary Mary
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Mary Mary

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Inglewood, CA

Status: Active


  Mary Mary

Mary Mary

Release Year: 2005


Release Year: 2002

Thankful by Mary Mary


Release Year: 2000


  Mary Mary

Band Members: Erica Campbell, Tina Campbell

With the release of the self-titled Mary Mary, the Grammy-winning, platinum-selling gospel duo is beginning a new chapter in an already remarkable career. In 2000, sisters Erica and Tina Campbell earned immediate respect and success with Mary Marys platinum debut album, Thankful. The joyful dancefloor-filling hit single "Shackles" put them at the top of the charts across the world and then the girls followed it up with the 2002s Incredible album. Now, after a short break, Mary Mary returns with the brilliant third album, packed with uplifting lyrics, distinctive vocals and unforgettable songs.

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  Mary Mary

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