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Kirk Whalum
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Kirk Whalum

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Memphis, TN

Status: Active


  Kirk Whalum

The Gospel According To Jazz by Kirk Whalum

The Gospel According To Jazz

Release Year: 2002


  Kirk Whalum

Band Members: Kirk Whalum

I love LOVE what I do! I have the best job in the world. It can be really hard at times, especially being away from my girlfriend (shes also my wife) and our kids and grandson. But I still love it. My philosophy of "the big break" comes from my actual story. I was fronting my own band (by Gods grace and utilizing the gifts He graciously gave me) in Houston, Texas at a club called Codys in the mid-80s when I got a call to open a concert at a theater (oooh, big stuff!) for Bob James (oooh, even cooler)! My band and I had been fine-tuning our music and working REALLY hard for over 2 years in all kinds of funky situations before this magical call came in. But when it did...we were ready! We had learned not to get our hopes up because we had opened a few concerts before -- no big break happened

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  Kirk Whalum

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