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Chasing Victory
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Chasing Victory

Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Camilla, GA

Status: Disbanded

Booking Contact: Matt Grogan   706.207.3122


  Chasing Victory

I Call This Abandonment by Chasing Victory

I Call This Abandonment

Release Year: 2005


  Chasing Victory

Band Members: Adam Harrel, Michael Lamb, Jeremy Lowery, Chris Cargile, Chris Crutchfield

The town of Camilla, GA is a small deep southern community that thrives on football and country music. Emo, hardcore, and punk are not in the town vocabulary. "All anybody does in our town is play football or go to football games" says Adam Harrell, lead singer of Chasing Victory. "But I guess if it wasn’t for me breaking my neck last fall in a high school football game I wouldn’t be in this band". And while Adam’s injury prevented him from playing football, it allowed him to focus on his friendships with his bandmates and pursue their dream in music.

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  Chasing Victory

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