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Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Western, OK

Status: Disbanded



Free To Conquer by Subseven

Free To Conquer

Release Year: 2005

Subseven EP by Subseven

Subseven EP

Release Year: 2004



Band Members: Wesley Fite, Clint McManaman, Reed Corbin, Caleb Wilkerson, Jake Sullivan

Subseven was a Christian rock band formed in 1999 in Western Oklahoma. They played in the midwest for four years as an independent where they released one album and one EP and gained a large local fan base. In 2003, they signed a record deal with Flicker Records and soon after released subseven: the EP. One year later they released their final album, Free to Conquer. The band's members included Wesley Fite, Clint McManaman, Reed Corbin, Caleb Wilkerson and Jake Sullivan before their breakup in December 2005. They parted ways because they felt that God was calling the members on to new things. Ever since their breakup in 2005, the band members engaged in other musical activities, including bands and solo projects. In November of 2007, their bass guitarist, Reed Corbin, passed away from a he

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