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Jackson Waters
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Jackson Waters

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Siloam Springs, AR

Status: Active


  Jackson Waters

Come Undone by Jackson Waters

Come Undone

Release Year: 2007
Label: Word Records
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All That I Know by Jackson Waters

All That I Know

Release Year: 2004
Label: Independent


  Jackson Waters

Band Members: David Leonard, Toby Friesen, Jesse LaFave, Ryan Hawk, Nate Hufford

Arkansas-based indie rock band Jackson Waters is not your typical college band. Though they often perform on the campus of John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR, Jackson Waters music and lyrical prowess has taken them far above the college scene. Having performed with Christian powerhouse recording artists such as Big Daddy Weave, Bebo Norman, Thousand Foot Crutch, Superchick, Barlow Girl and countless more, Jackson Waters continues to prove that they have the talent and sheer determination to play with the big dogs of the music industry. The band was formed almost by chance. Drummer Ryan Hawk had been searching for a way to get back into music after having left a punk band almost a year before. Discouraged almost to the point of putting his talent to rest, he finally found what he h

Jackson Waters Chord Charts

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  Jackson Waters

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One More Day

Come Undone

One More Day Song Lyrics

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