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Lex Buckley
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Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Jacksonville, FL


  Lex Buckley

Through The Valley

Release Year: 2006


  Lex Buckley

Band Members: Lex Buckley

Lex Buckley, born in Australia, is a Christian songwriter and worship leader, and recently released her first EP, entitled Through the Valley. It contains 8 songs, and Buckley wrote or co-wrote every song on there. It is produced by Survivor Records and is in their Emerge product line. The CD sold out within the first week of christian festival Soul Survivor. Lex used to lead worship at Soul Survivor Watford Church, and also at events during the summer, including Soul Survivor and Momentum. But as of late 2006 she and her husband, Paul Buckley, have moved to Jacksonville, Florida in the USA to work for River City Church (

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  Lex Buckley

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Join With The Angels

Through The Valley

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Wash Me

Through The Valley

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