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Circadian Rhythm
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Circadian Rhythm

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Lynchburg, VA

Status: Disbanded


  Circadian Rhythm

Over Under Everything by Circadian Rhythm

Over Under Everything

Release Year: 2001


  Circadian Rhythm

Band Members: Will Pavone, Dan Cuomo, Paul Barber, Andy Zipf, Aaron Paganini

To hear something is effortless. To listen to something takes time, energy and investment. What 40records’ new worship band Circadian Rhythm has to offer is something worth listening to. Moving beyond superficiality, the truths contained within this band and their music are not only genuine, but as real as it gets. “People want what is real, especially this generation. Most people know if something is fake or a front,” says lead vocalist Will Pavone. “The best thing we can do is not done with our instruments; more important than guitars and drums and songs is for people to look at us and say, ‘These guys are real; what they’re saying is real.’ ” The band’s journey began in 1996 at Virginia’s Liberty University (dc talk, Reality Check, Mark Lowry) where the men of Circadian Rhythm—Pavone, d

Circadian Rhythm Chord Charts

Chord Charts
  Circadian Rhythm

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Beautiful Savior

Over Under Everything

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Something Glorious

Over Under Everything

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