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Time Spent Burning
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Time Spent Burning

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Status: Active


  Time Spent Burning

Burned by Time Spent Burning


Release Year: 2004


  Time Spent Burning

Band Members: Tony Aiello, Johnny Vasquez, Steve Steward, Cody Cloe

Time Spent Burning moved from Las Vegas to Southern California so more people could hear them. They found their listeners - and unexpected personal growth. The band left Las Vegas over a year ago with their instruments, wives, kids and little cash. They have since settled in Riverside and Orange County, family lives intact, and their band has never been more popular. The members of Time Spent Burning hope to positively influence their listeners. "We want to be able to put something out there that...offers hope to people who feel like theres nothing worth living for."

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  Time Spent Burning

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