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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: San Antonio, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Greg Oliver Agency   615.790.5540



Abandon EP by Abandon

Abandon EP

Release Year: 2008
Label: ForeFront Records

Who You Are by Abandon

Who You Are

Release Year: 2006
Label: Independent

Ambush by Abandon


Release Year: 2005
Label: Independent



Band Members: Josh Engler, Justin Engler, Bryan Fowler, Stevan Vela, Dave Vela

An electric pulse you cant escape. That sparkling description of the omnipresent God jumps out from the lyrics of "Providence," one of five energy gushing songs off the self-titled EP by new San Antonio rock act Abandon. The poetic phrase could also describe the bands sound, a steady rush of uncommon creativity that has both modern flash and worshipful depth and is really hard to ignore. Take it from EMI Director of A&R Chris York, who signed Abandon to Forefront Records out of nowhere. Sitting in a restaurant last spring, his attention was drawn from a nice dinner over to the club next door where five young men were pounding out their U2-meets-The Killers tune about a force that rules the human race . . . the hand of providence. "Its definitely the strangest way Ive discovered a new band,

Abandon Chord Charts

Chord Charts

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