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Decyfer Down
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Decyfer Down

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Morehead City, NC

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Jeff Roberts and Associates  


  Decyfer Down

Crash by Decyfer Down


Release Year: 2009
Label: Ino Records
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End Of Grey by Decyfer Down

End Of Grey

Release Year: 2006
Label: SRE Recordings
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  Decyfer Down

Band Members: Chris Clonts, Brandon Mills, Caleb Oliver, Josh Oliver

A mission to reach people burned by religion leads Decyfer Down to play clubs, while its desire to provide churched kids with solid rock music with a genuine message keeps them on Christian stages as well. Band members would attest that its only Gods plan that could bring the band to this point in its career. "God gave us favor with several rock DJs, national bands, the whole Rock scene where we live. They know were Christians. We dont act any different in any club than we do in any church," Clonts says. "People come up uninitiated and admit that they used to attend church. Mainstream bands know that we are believers and they embrace us." "Their views of Jesus are pews and singing hymns and dressing a certain way," says Mills. "Then they see us and they know were believers and that this is

Decyfer Down Chord Charts

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  Decyfer Down

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