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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Greenville, SC

Status: Active



That Was Then, This Is Now by Chasen

That Was Then, This Is Now

Release Year: 2010
Label: Ino Records
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Shine Through The Stars by Chasen

Shine Through The Stars

Release Year: 2008
Label: OMG Records
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Chasen EP by Chasen

Chasen EP

Release Year: 2006
Label: OMG Records



Band Members: Chasen Callahan, Evan Silver, Aaron Lord

The band got its start in the church, writing praise and worship choruses for Sunday services and youth group events. Lead singer/songwriter and namesake Chasen Callahan pulled together fellow band mates - guitarist Evan Silver and drummer Aaron Lord - to help him compile an independent CD of songs Callahan had played at summer youth camps. The music was so good, the disc soon found its way into the hands of upstart label OMG, a small new entertainment enterprise in the historic West End of Greenville, South Carolina. Drawing inspiration from its location - well outside the modern music hubs of L.A., New York, and Nashville - OMG sought to find fresh talent in unexpected places, and saw the young band as a perfect debut for its roster.

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On And On

That Was Then, This Is Now

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