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Grey Holiday
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Grey Holiday

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: San Antonio, TX

Status: Disbanded


  Grey Holiday

The Glorious Revolution by Grey Holiday

The Glorious Revolution

Release Year: 2007
Label: Essential Records
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  Grey Holiday

Band Members: Matthew Minor, Joshua Fenoglio, Steven Bedingfield, Robert Thomas Bodet

It’s often been said that work and friendship simply don’t mix. But for members of Texas-based rock band Grey Holiday, their long-standing friendship and tight-knit sense of community makes musical collaboration all the sweeter. After all, the guys were friends first, and band mates second, a distinction that continues to be important as they recently signed with Essential Records and will be releasing a much-anticipated debut, The Glorious Revolution. Unlike many aspiring artists, a record deal was never the ultimate goal for Grey Holiday’s Matt Minor (vocals, keys, guitar), Steven Bedingfield (guitar, electronics, programming), R.T. Bodet (bass) and Josh Fenoglio (drums). In fact, all they really wanted to do was have some fun—playing music, that is. And if really lucky? Maybe they would

Grey Holiday Chord Charts

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  Grey Holiday

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