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Lanae' Hale
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Lanae' Hale

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Gainesville, FL

Status: Active

Booking Contact: The Breen Agency   615.777.2227


  Lanae' Hale

Back & Forth by Lanae' Hale

Back & Forth

Release Year: 2009
Label: Centricity Records
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Lanae' Hale EP by Lanae' Hale

Lanae' Hale EP

Release Year: 2007
Label: Centricity Records


  Lanae' Hale

Band Members: Lanae' Hale

As I sit on this old wooden paint-chipped bench positioned in the center of this town square, I feel the chaotic bustle of what we as a society have come to recognize as normalcy. I watch as people hurriedly rub shoulders in route to their desired destination, and not once look up to acknowledge the existence of the others surrounding them. I am currently listening to Album Leaf on my headphones. I am slowly swept away by the mesmeric melodic masonry flooding my ears. I begin to feel the sun warming my cheeks and the breeze slightly lifting my hair. I look up to the sky and I am captured by the sea of blue above. The white cloud accents remind me of the ocean and its white foamed waves. I am brought to a place of complete awe and tearful gratitude for the love and provision the Creator of

Lanae' Hale Chord Charts

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  Lanae' Hale

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