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Among The Thirsty
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Among The Thirsty

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Clearwater, FL

Status: Active


  Among The Thirsty

Wonder by Among The Thirsty


Release Year: 2009
Label: Rev Music Group
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Homeward Bound by Among The Thirsty

Homeward Bound

Release Year: 2007
Label: Rev Music Group


  Among The Thirsty

Band Members: Ryan Daniel, Brock Douglas, Gregory Smith, Scottie Henderson

The Christian rock band from Clearwater, Florida has been gaining tremendous attention around the country with their cutting edge rock, powerful worship and engaging ministry. From their humble beginnings, Among the Thirsty has captivated crowds of all ages with their cross-generational, cross genre music and promises to fulfill the growing demand. Among the Thirsty continues to stay true to their calling to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through the gifts they have been awarded. As stated by the band: “Our purpose is to present a unique style of the Gospel to the world through our music. We strive to live a life that is worthy of God's presence, to proclaim the Majesty and Holiness of Christ with our gifts, and to speak words of hope and life to all those who are searching and hurti

Among The Thirsty Chord Charts

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  Among The Thirsty

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I'd Need A Savior


I'd Need A Savior Song Lyrics

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