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Luke Dowler
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Luke Dowler

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Status: Active


  Luke Dowler

Compared To You by Luke Dowler

Compared To You

Release Year: 2010
Label: JED Records


  Luke Dowler

Band Members: Luke Dowler

Beyond fronting a number of original bands, extensive touring and developing a loyal following, Luke Dowler is now emerging as a strong solo artist. With a captivating, emotive voice and edgy, alternative pop-rock sound-scapes, Luke delivers songs that range from keen, third story window perspectives, to candor in his own human condition (reminding us of ours) and reckoning with the ideas of faith, hope and grace in a world of turmoil. A consummate musician, Dowler accompanies himself solo with an arsenal of fresh ideas, looping and rhythmic acoustic experimentation or provides the electric soul within the interplay of musicianship that his band Veteran Greene brings to round out his recordings and live band performances. After four independent CDs, Luke continues selling records wherev

Luke Dowler Chord Charts

Chord Charts
  Luke Dowler

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