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Sargent Avenue
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Sargent Avenue

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Lowell, MI

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Brian Williams   616.889.8878


  Sargent Avenue

To Whom It May Concern EP by Sargent Avenue

To Whom It May Concern EP

Release Year: 2010


  Sargent Avenue

Band Members: Jordan Moore, Jesse Harris, John King, Chris Motyka

It’s rare to find an entire college-educated band with no music majors among them and still ending up being serious enough, hard working enough, and talented enough to pull together a professional band situation. That’s exactly what the guys from Sargent Avenue have done.

Sargent Avenue, named for the street where they lead vocalist, Jordan Moore’s parents live and where the band rehearses, first rehearsed a few times in early 2008 but had to put practice on hold for the members to go back for their last semester in college. The guys got back together in November of 2008, officially decided to become a band, practiced for 6 weeks and played their first gig in December 2008.

If we have a secret, it’s that we do everything we do with a unified passion. We’re all from d

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  Sargent Avenue

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