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Lou Fellingham
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Lou Fellingham

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Brighton, England

Status: Active


  Lou Fellingham

Step Into The Light by Lou Fellingham

Step Into The Light

Release Year: 2010
Label: Kingsway Music

Promised Land by Lou Fellingham

Promised Land

Release Year: 2008
Label: Kingsway Music

Treasure by Lou Fellingham


Release Year: 2006
Label: Kingsway Music


  Lou Fellingham

Band Members: Lou Fellingham

Lou has been the lead singer of popular band Phatfish for the last 17 years. Together they have recorded eight albums and toured extensively throughout the UK, Canada and America. She has also served as part of the worship team at the Stoneleigh Bible weeks; her distinctive voice being a major feature on those best selling worship albums.

Lou has also made several appearances on the BBC's 'Songs of Praise'. Her Debut solo album, ‘Treasure’, was released in early 2006 and has proved to be much loved by both the critics and the public, revealing just how skilled Lou is at releasing worship among us. Featuring songs such as 'O God of love' and the heart rending 'Prayer Song' it also offers up inspirational classics like 'Build this House', 'Hard Pressed' and the title track, ‘Tre

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  Lou Fellingham

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