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Autumn In Repair
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Autumn In Repair

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Kansas City, MO

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Creation Associates   970.232.5332


  Autumn In Repair

Autumn In Repair by Autumn In Repair

Autumn In Repair

Release Year: 2010
Label: Varietal Records
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  Autumn In Repair

Band Members: Steve Jones, Josh Urban, Brandon McCoy

This three-piece band from Kansas City, Missouri spent the last several years touring with Jeremy Riddle and are already developing a loyal following. Band members Steve Jones, Josh Urban and Brandon McCoy are active as worship leaders at the Vineyard Church in Kansas City. For their debut album, the and has drawn from their diverse musical influences and written a collection of songs that reflect the heart and passion of these worship leaders combined with the kind of musical depth that comes from “growing up” together as friends and bandmates.

Autumn In Repair Chord Charts

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  Autumn In Repair

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You Are What We Need

Autumn In Repair

You Are What We Need Song Lyrics

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