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Tricia Brock
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Tricia Brock

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Chicago, IL

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Tricia Brock Booking  


  Tricia Brock

The Road by Tricia Brock

The Road

Release Year: 2011
Label: Inpop Records
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  Tricia Brock

Band Members: Tricia Brock

Tricia Brock never set aside plans to record a worship project, yet it was almost inevitable that it be done. As the front woman for the GRAMMY-nominated band Superchick, Tricia found herself in a spiritual desert while in between new album recordings. Knowing she has always felt the call to lead worship, now was the time she used her voice to paint a visual picture of the kind of worship and love that she was called to by God. Raised in a Christian home, Tricia and her sister Melissa experienced their share of adversity and struggles while trying to nourish the testament of their faith throughout their teenage years. After meeting Max Hsu (Superchick, Church Of Rhythm) at a concert in 1997, the three shared their desires to work with and inspire young girls struggling with the same fee

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  Tricia Brock

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