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Steve Wiggins
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Steve Wiggins

Genre: Pop/Contemporary


  Steve Wiggins

Faith That Is Real by Steve Wiggins

Faith That Is Real

Release Year: 2002
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  Steve Wiggins

Band Members: Steve Wiggins

As the lead singer and primary songwriter for the popular band Big Tent Revival, Steve Wiggins was seemingly on top of the world. He was performing before more than 250,000 people each year and participating in such worthy events as the California-based Harvest Crusade. The band was also receiving critical recognition, garnering five Grammy Award nominations over the course of their career and creating hit songs like "Two Sets of Joneses," "What Would Jesus Do?" and "Choose Life." But for Steve Wiggins it was always about more than just achieving musical stardom. He had stumbled into the business as a college kid when he became a Christian and picked up a guitar to write songs for a Bible study he attended. Soon those tunes attracted attention and he found himself signed to a record deal.

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  Steve Wiggins

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