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Believable Picnic
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Believable Picnic

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Disbanded


  Believable Picnic

Welcome To The Future by Believable Picnic

Welcome To The Future

Release Year: 1999
Label: Absolute Records

Believable Picnic by Believable Picnic

Believable Picnic

Release Year: 1996
Label: Absolute Records


  Believable Picnic

Band Members: Jade Hanson, Jason Burkham, Nick Ayres, Jeff Bridges

Vocalist/guitarist Jade Hanson, the older brother of PFR frontman Joel Hanson, put together Believable Picnic in Nashville with bassist Jason Burkham, a Minnesota native and PFR associate who relocated to Tennessee upon learning of the elder Hansons plans to form a pop-oriented, Christian guitar-rock act (similar to Kings X, with hints of the Beatles and Queen). They were eventually joined by keyboardist Nick Ayres and studio-only drummer Jeff Bridges, who elected not to tour in order to stay with his family. Believable Picnic debuted in 1996 on Absolute Records with a self-titled album, which produced successful singles in "Big Fat Nothing" and "Wasted." The follow-up, Welcome to the Future, appeared in 1998.

Believable Picnic Chord Charts

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  Believable Picnic

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Big Fat Nothing

Believable Picnic

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