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Silers Bald
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Silers Bald

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Columbia, SC

Status: Active


  Silers Bald

Real Life by Silers Bald

Real Life

Release Year: 2003
Label: Essential Records

Silers Bald by Silers Bald

Silers Bald

Release Year: 2000
Label: Independent


  Silers Bald

Band Members: Warren Bazemore, Jason Jacobs, Marcus Myers, Shane Williams

Formed in the spring of 1996 by three friends at the University of South Carolina, Silers Bald quickly became one of the Southeast’s most popular independent bands. Known for their close-knit chemistry on and off the stage, Silers Bald have quickly been making friends and fans at every one of the colleges and universities they have played. Acoustic guitarists and vocalists Shane Williams and Warren Bazemore, along with drummer Jason Jacobs, never knew that their dorm room jam sessions would be the beginning of a band still together 6 years and 4 albums later. With the addition of Marcus Myers came the violin and the hammer dulcimer, both instruments that are rarely found in contemporary bands.

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  Silers Bald

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