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Chris Clayton
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Chris Clayton

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Grapevine, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Chris Clayton   1.866.481.1785


  Chris Clayton

Hope Of Glory by Chris Clayton

Hope Of Glory

Release Year: 2011
Label: Independent

Anthems of the Mystery - EP by Chris Clayton

Anthems of the Mystery - EP

Release Year: 2010
Label: Independent

All These Things And More by Chris Clayton

All These Things And More

Release Year: 2008
Label: Independent

Breathing Air Again EP by Chris Clayton

Breathing Air Again EP

Release Year: 2006
Label: Independent


  Chris Clayton

Band Members: Chris Clayton, Brad Gardner, Matthew Carter, Jordan Bledsoe

As one of the up and coming worship leaders today, Chris Clayton has a true desire and passion for people to live their lives each moment in wonder of the One who gives real life. "My prayer is that people will be reminded that we serve and worship a holy God who is more than we can ever fathom. Sometimes I feel that we often tip our hat to God and go about our week without ever encountering Him and recognizing Him for the Holy One that He is." Chris serves as a worship leader traveling the United States leading worship in various youth, college and young adult capacities. Since 2000, Chris has traveled on a full time basis with a heartbeat to lead authentic worship. For me, it isnt about going out and pounding a Bible over a persons head, but instead striving to reflect God in everything

Chris Clayton Chord Charts

Chord Charts
  Chris Clayton

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King Forever

All These Things And More

King Forever Song Lyrics

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