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Before You Breathe
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Before You Breathe

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Merritt Island, FL

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Joel Wild   800.328.7837


  Before You Breathe

Heaven And Earth by Before You Breathe

Heaven And Earth

Release Year: 2002
Label: Ardent Records
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  Before You Breathe

Band Members: Beverly Wild, Joel Wild

A lifetime of partnership involves many changes - changes that result in relational growth, faith, patience, trust, and love. Talk with Joel and Beverly Wild, the husband and wife duo of Ardent Records newest artist, Before You Breathe, and they will completely relate. Both have partnered as children with their musical fathers, together as a married couple with children, as a musical group, and as spiritual partners with Jesus Christ. Persevering through each life change, Before You Breathe has learned that each successful partnership is a result of letting Christ take complete control. Beverly and Joel each come from musical roots-in fact, Joels father is Malcolm Wild of "Malcolm & Alwyn," one of the first "Jesus people" bands of the 1970s, who were signed to Word/Myrrh. Upon leaving the

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  Before You Breathe

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