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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Dallas, TX

Status: Hiatus

Booking Contact: Will Hunt  



Apt°core 2 by Apt.Core

Apt°core 2

Release Year: 2003

Rhythms Of Remembrance by Apt.Core

Rhythms Of Remembrance

Release Year: 2001



Band Members: Will Hunt

Rhythm and memory. Memory forms our core, the strands that bind together the details of who we are, where we’ve been and what we believe. It is through a remarkable fusion of rhythm and memory, the joining of electronic and organic musics with the familiar, root level learnings of Scripture, that producer Will Hunt brought to life apt.core through a cadre of musicians and artists. rhythms of remembrance is his debut project for Rocketown. Hunt derived the name apt.core from the belief that the “center of our being is made sufficient through Jesus,” thus, those who are in Christ literally have an “apt core” in the eyes of God. The music of rhythms of remembrance, a pulsating mix of ambient tones, singing, and spoken word, communicates directly with that core of human existence. Its instrume

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