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Alli Rogers
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Alli Rogers

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Cedar Falls, IA

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Alli Rogers Music, Inc.   319.277.5587


  Alli Rogers

Always Eden   by Alli Rogers

Always Eden

Release Year: 2006


  Alli Rogers

Band Members: Alli Rogers

Despite her unabashed talent as a singer and songwriter, Alli Rogers is not caught up in the usual trappings that accompany being a musician. Her caring, friendly demeanor and down-to-earth approach to life make this Cedar Falls, Iowa girl lovable both on and off the stage. At 18, she is poised to not only be a voice of her generation, but also a role model to her peers. "I think the best thing I can do is be really honest with everyone," Rogers says. "When Im onstage and off, I hope people see the real me."

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  Alli Rogers

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