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Morella's Forest
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Morella's Forest

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Dayton, OH

Status: Disbanded


  Morella's Forest

Tiny Lights Of Heaven

Release Year: 2002
Label: Northern Records


Release Year: 1995


  Morella's Forest

Band Members: Shawn Johnson, Sydney Rentz, Joel Votaw, Jessie Sprinkle

Morella's Forest began in 1992 when Johnson returned home to Dayton, OH after leaving both Seattle, WA and his signed yet albumless band Righteous Anger. Once back in Dayton, Johnson set out to start a new band and gathered together people with a similar musical vision. The band is comprised of Sydney (vocals, lyrics), Shawn (guitars/keyboards), Joel Votaw (bass), and Jessie Sprinkle (drums). While the boys make the sounds, Sydney is a killer vocalist who can deliver hushed playful melodies, and get gutsy on the chorus. Morella's Forest is never satisfied with where they have been, but rather look to continually develop their songwriting. Johnson says, "Morella's Forest has always been from the beginning about never doing the same album twice, and always changing and bringing a new element

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  Morella's Forest

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