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Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Bremerton, WA

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Dave Shapiro   310.385.2800



Panic by MxPx


Release Year: 2005
Label: Side One Dummy Records

Before Everything And After by MxPx

Before Everything And After

Release Year: 2004
Label: A&M Records

10 Years And Running by MxPx

10 Years And Running

Release Year: 2002
Label: Tooth And Nail Records
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The Ever Passing Moment by MxPx

The Ever Passing Moment

Release Year: 2000
Label: A&M Records
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Band Members: Mike Herrera, Tom Wisniewski, Yuri Ruley

One of several pop-punk bands to emerge in the wake of the grunge scene of the early 1990s, MxPx delivered two albums for Seattle's Tooth & Nail Records before its members had even graduated from their Bremerton, Washington, high school. Like the Offspring, Green Day, and Blink 182, their music featured clever and sometimes cartoonish lyrics, tight, guitar-driven arrangements, and an attitude of good-natured unconventionality. While most of their songs dealt with typical adolescent themes such as school, parents, and other authority figures, some of them delivered messages inspired by the group's Christianity. As singer Mike Herrera told Campus Life early in the band's career, "It's pretty much, like, feel-good punk rock. It's happy and melodic, but it's fast at the same time.... Kinda som

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