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Shaded Red
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Shaded Red

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Denver, CO

Status: Disbanded


  Shaded Red

Red Revolution by Shaded Red

Red Revolution

Release Year: 1999
Label: Cadence Records


  Shaded Red

Band Members: Jamie Roberts, Jonathan Roberts

Jamie and Jonathan Roberts, forming the core of Shaded Red, honed their modern, driving, groove-influenced, guitar-based sound together over a period of years. Both studied music in college, and quickly developed the ability to play off of one another’s intensity. The result is a shared chemistry that encompasses everything from their singing and songwriting to their vision for ministry. Eventually signing with Cadence Records in Nashville, Shaded Red released a critically acclaimed, self-titled debut and promptly took to the road, touring extensively with the likes of Guardian and Petra. Now, with the release of their second studio project for Cadence - Red Revolution - Shaded Red reveals a more layered and complex sound musically, and a more mature, soul-searching introspection lyrically

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  Shaded Red

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