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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: San Luis Obisbo, CA

Status: Disbanded



Everyone by Everyone


Release Year: 2003
Label: Furious? Records
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Band Members: Jeff Searles, Darren Clarke, Daniel Whittington, Phil Siems

A feedback loop of butterfly melodies and open-hearted attitudes. Everyone blend the divine with the distorted. Take one listen of their debut album and you’ll see that this is California dreaming with a light at end of the tunnel, an American beauty with all the attitude in tact, ready to meet the British audience. It doesn’t take the greatest analyst to conclude that labels have long had a problem transferring the American Christian market product over to the UK. Too clean, too grungy or just too different, it seems that there’s never really been a fool-proof formula to import. Until now: at last the lid is off and the mystery can be dispelled. For it is in the music of Everyone that we can finally fined the ingredients needed to cook up a little American action right here on UK soil.

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