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Genre: Pop/Contemporary



Sparklepop by Sparklepop


Release Year: 2000
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Band Members: Miranda Brinkman, Tim Brinkman, Tyler Chester, Richie Sanchez

"What does the name mean, anyway?" Its usually the first question people ask about Sparklepop. Miranda, the bands lead singer, smiles and explains: "We as Christians are called to be a light in the world, to sparkle. But more than that, we are called to make an impact on our world--to pop--not just passively hoping others see God working in our lives, but actively preaching the gospel and winning them to salvation." Comprised of Miranda, her husband Tim Brinkman on guitar and vocals, multi-instrumentalist Tyler Chester, and drummer Richie Sanchez, Sparklepops music is high-energy, fun, worshipful and eclectic modern pop and rock. "Were flexible," says Tim. "One day, we might be leading chapel at a Christian school. That evening, we could be doing a full electric concert at a music festival

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