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Genre: Alternative/Modern



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The members of Spark do more than light a fire. To this Dayton-based five piece, music is about earning ones platform to share the gospel by performing the fullest, catchiest, most inspired rock songs that the pop scale can handle. The group epitomized this vision quest with their Rugged debut, Tomorrow Is Today, which taps into the same influences as Creed, Live, the Goo Goo Dolls, Sense Field, Nine Days, and SR-71. The music has a driving double-guitar rock edge, but Sparks key emphasis is always on strong pop vocals and melodies. Spark - made up of Dave Truscott (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jesse Jackson (vocals), Scott Peters (bass), Steve Peters (drums), and Todd Osborn (lead guitar) - started off as a regional hit in Ohio nearly five years ago performing with groups like Audio Adren

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