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Shurmen Steadfast
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Shurmen Steadfast

Genre: Hardcore/Punk


  Shurmen Steadfast

This Battle's For You! by Shurmen Steadfast

This Battle's For You!

Release Year: 2003
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  Shurmen Steadfast

The three-piece pop-punk band hailing from Alaska knows how to get the job done. Since their beginnings in October of 1999 they have grown as a band tremendously. Shurmen Steadfast just finished recording a full-length album at the world famous Orange Crush Studios with Scott Silletta as engineer and producer. Big things are in store for this release. As Shurmen Steadfast has secured airplay in several states, national distribution, and two tours to promote the release. As far as live performance goes, these guys were born to perform. Every Shurmen Steadfast show is packed with energy and emotion as these guys perform songs straight from their heart.

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  Shurmen Steadfast

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