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The Billions
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The Billions

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Lawrence, KS

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Sam Billen  


  The Billions

Never Felt This Way Before by The Billions

Never Felt This Way Before

Release Year: 2002
Label: Northern Records


  The Billions

Band Members: Dan Billen, Sam Billen, Jared Bowes, Ken Komiya, Simon Bates

The Billions first two self-released discs were recorded by progressive rock guru, Kerry Livgren, of the band Kansas. As it turned out, Livgren liked the boys music so much he used it on a computer animated video series he was doing for Sony. Strangely though, it wasnt until the Billions left Livgren and started recording without supervision that their work began to get recognized. Their third independent venture, "Quiet As Its Kept" has been widely praised, and is undoubtedly the one that got record labels buzzing.

The Billions Chord Charts

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  The Billions

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