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Geoff Moore
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Geoff Moore

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Flint, MI

Status: Active

Booking Contact: GOA, Inc.   615.790.5540


  Geoff Moore

Speak To Me by Geoff Moore

Speak To Me

Release Year: 2007
Label: Rocketown Records
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A Beautiful Sound by Geoff Moore

A Beautiful Sound

Release Year: 2002
Label: ForeFront Records
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Geoff Moore by Geoff Moore

Geoff Moore

Release Year: 1999
Label: ForeFront Records
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Familiar Stranger by Geoff Moore

Familiar Stranger

Release Year: 1995
Label: Benson Records


  Geoff Moore

Band Members: Geoff Moore

After ‘retiring’ his band, The Distance, in 1998, Geoff Moore faced many unknowns in his professional and personal life. The experiences involved with pursuing a solo music career, adopting daughter Anna Grace, having his 40th birthday and the events of September 11 all provided major milestones and major changes for Geoff. These influences were key as the lyric-writing process began on his latest release, A Beautiful Sound.

Geoff Moore Chord Charts

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  Geoff Moore

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String Around My Finger

Geoff Moore

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